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Don't let the chipped windshield impact your driving; get it fixed right away by I'm The Guy Windshield and Collision. Our trained technicians will repair your windshield in a timely manner using quality products. Get a WARRANTY on our windshield repairs.


It's always better to get your windshield repaired when you see the first chip; in most cases, the repair takes less than 15 minutes. If you delay the repairs, you may end up needing a complete windshield replacement that will cost an additional amount.

Prompt windshield repair services

You're eligible for a windshield repair when

  • The length of the damage is not more than 6 inches

  • Your windshield has 3 chips or less

  • The damage is not spread across the edge of the windshield

  • The windshield damage is not hampering your line of sight

Affordable windshield repair services

You'll be happy to hear that we provide windshield repair services at affordable prices. Our experts will work with your insurance company to come up with the best price for you. You may even get FREE windshield repair services if your insurance plan permits it.


We also give a lifetime WARRANTY on windshield chip repairs. In case the chip spreads, we can adjust the windshield chip repair amount in replacing the windshield - if the windshield still needs replacement after repair.

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